Thursday, 19 March 2015


My most memorable Sexual encounter
One of my most memorable sexual encounter was with an ex Russian army officer. Before date, I have heard a lot from my friends that the office was a womanizer. sexo adulto Not only this, there were six sexual harassment charges against him; somehow he came out clean.
I mostly avoided these kinds of male chauvinists, but since I was in dire need of money and the guy was paying double the price for one hour, hence I decided to meet him.  I thought it would be just about one hour, but had no idea that one hour in my mind that this one hour would be most memorable event in my life.
I arrived in his hotel room on time. I was embarrassed to look at him, since he was sitting completely naked with a glass of wine in his hands.  He stared at me from top to bottom for some time and then told me to jump up and down. I didn’t understand at him for a moment. Not getting a response from my side, the army general yelled at me with full voice. I got scared and start jumping up and down.
I went on jumping for at least 10 minutes and the general gaze didn’t move away from my breasts for a second. After some time, he told me to take off my clothes. I follow his instructions like an obedient child. Honestly speaking, I was scared of refusing him at that moment. I took off my gown and soon was in undergarments. He stared at my hot body for some minutes; then told me to take off my undergarments too.  Now, I was completely naked and in a vulnerable position near him.
He called me to sit near him. I did as he told me. Looking lustfully, the guy held me tight in my arms and gave me passionate kisses on my lips.  I really enjoyed the way he rolled his tongue inside my mouth. From the lips, he moved down to my soft neck and filled it with warm kisses.  Then, he put me gently on bed and started sucking my tits like a baby suck the milk.  He moved ferociously from one tit to another. He left my breasts when they were completely swollen. After that, he played with my stomach fondly and filled it with warm kisses.
I thought he would go for normal sex in missionary position after foreplay, but to my surprise, the guy lifted me from the bed, made me sit on his waist in such a position that his penis could enter comfortably inside my vagina. The guy was so strong that he picked me up without any problem. I was really impressed with his masculinity. Then, he pushed his cock deep inside my vagina. I screamed with excitement and had no idea when I scratched his back. Soon, both of us achieved orgasm at the same time.
I thought sex would be over, but it seems from his attitude that his desires were still not satisfied. He put me gently to bed, turned me upside down and put his cock gently inside my vagina again. While his cock was rotating inside my body, he showered me back with sweet kisses. I moaned after reaching an orgasm. Then, he slept beside me.

When I woke up, he was preparing to go and gave me a warm kiss on my lips. As a woman, I thanked him for such a lovely encounter. He laughed and promised me to come back soon. It was my best sexual encounter and I still hope that the general come back again to make love to my beautiful body.

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